Gray ways to promote on Instagram

Mass following and mass liking (MF and ML)
What is mass following and mass liking and desi sexi video? You transfer your profile to the program for promotion on instagram, set the necessary settings, and it walks for you on other people’s profiles, puts likes and subscribes.

Why is it good:

Can bring you subscribers and customers. A couple of years ago, this was a very effective way.
What’s bad:

Every month, Instagram algorithms are getting tougher, and you can easily get banned for an incorrectly configured MF.
With a roughly tuned MF and ML, users understand that the program is working for you, and this causes a negative response. How can this be understood? For example, by a high number of subscriptions, significantly exceeding the number of subscribers.
Users attracted with the help of MF and ML show less activity compared to “regular” subscribers, and low activity has a bad effect on reach, which leads to a decrease in traffic to your profile.
Cost: from 500 to 1500 rubles per month

Mass commenting
The same as mass following, only the program does not subscribe, but leaves comments prepared in advance by you in a random order. Yes, we have to upset you, the comments “cool photo” and “beauty” are left by robots, not real people.

Why is it good:

In a comment, especially if it hits the target, it is more difficult to suspect the actions of the program.

What’s bad:

Sometimes incidents happen, for example, the comment “wow, super” is published under a photo of a sick child. If the mother of a child raises a fuss, your reputation can be seriously damaged.

Cost: comes with MF and ML

Offers and bots
If your task is only a beautiful figure in your profile, you may well get yourself subscribers for a very modest amount.

What’s good: you can brag about the fact that one hundred thousand people have subscribed to you.

What is bad: such an audience is of very low quality, these are not real people, they will not like, comment, and, of course, will not increase the number of sales in any way. In addition, a large number of subscribers with very low activity is a very wake-up call for social network algorithms, which, if it does not lead to account blocking, will definitely reduce coverage even among readers interested in your content.

Cost: from 100 rubles for 1000 “dead” souls.