How to find out in which groups a person is in the Telegram and can this be done?

How to find out what groups a person is in a Telegram, is it possible to look into someone else’s profile and see the details you are interested in? This is what our review is devoted to – we will tell and show everything in detail! By the way, do you remember the difference between a group and a Telegram channel about premalatha leaked video?

Is it possible
A very interesting question is whether it is possible to find out in which groups a person is in the Telegram! The answer to it will not be easy – on the one hand, you can watch some of the conversations. On the other hand, there is no such option. Let’s talk about everything in detail and in order!

To begin with, there is no special option that allows you to see the list of chats of another person. The answer to the question whether my groups can be seen in the Telegram will be negative. An outsider will not be able to see which conversations you are a participant in. This is confidential information that concerns you exclusively!

On the other hand, you can find out in which groups a person is on the Telegram. Subject to one important condition – you, too, are subscribed to these conversations! Only if both of you are in the chat will this information be found.

The explanation is very simple. It is impossible (and unnecessary) to hide your participation in a certain conversation from another participant in the same chat. That is why such data is available.

Therefore, we will tell you how to see which groups a person is in a Telegram and check if you have an overlap in chats.

Open the messenger;
Go into a conversation with the desired user;
Click on his name on the top bar;
In the window that opens, move a little lower – find the “Media” section;
Scroll from right to left – the last tab is “Groups”.

Here’s how to see which groups a person is subscribed to in the Telegram – the information you need will be displayed here. Of course, provided that you are also a member of a certain community.

If this tab is not there, it means that your interests do not overlap anywhere. As soon as you find yourself in the same conversation, the data is automatically refreshed.

Alternatively, you can do the following:

Open a group chat;
Click on the title on the top bar;
The list of participants will appear in the corresponding tab;
If among them there are your contacts (those who are included in the phone book), their names will be visible at the beginning of the list.
Also a way to find out which groups a person is subscribed to in a Telegram. If you’re not sorry to waste time, you can manually check any number of communities – but this is a very costly and time-consuming method. We also have material on how to change the owner of a group in Telegram.

And now about the important thing – in the messenger you can find special bots that are designed to “pull” such information. It is necessary to send the user’s contact to the chat, and the bot will display a list of channels and communities to which the person has subscribed.

We do not recommend using such services (and do not provide links to them), since the performance and accuracy of the data received from bots is not guaranteed. In addition, the use of such services is a violation of confidentiality and the rules of communication in the messenger.

They told how to find out which groups a user is in a Telegram – there is only one way, you will receive a little information. But it is better to get by with a minimum of data than to break the rules of the community.