WhatsApp has restricted the free addition of users to groups

The developers of the WhatsApp messenger are constantly working to improve their application, with a common goal – to offer their users the highest quality product that will be pleasant to use in everyday life and in business.

The “virtual” world is changing at a high rate, and not always for the better – scammers are constantly improving their skills and strive to use popular mobile applica

tions for personal gain. Developers are faced with a harsh reality and need to be one step ahead.

The company Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, announced an innovation in the messenger, allowing to fight the spread of spam against the will of the application users. Thanks to the new feature, users will now be able to prevent themselves from being added to groups without their consent.

By default, users will only be able to accept group invitations from those in their contact list, and offers from everyone else will be immediately blocked. In addition, as noted by the developers, such notifications will not even appear in the messenger.

To use the new option, you need to go to the messenger settings and indicate who can add you to the groups. There are only three options – any user, only users from the contact list and no one at all.

If you activate the function, then when you select the third option, the user will receive a request to add to the group, which can be accepted or rejected.

It is noted that this function appeared in the latest test version of WhatsApp for Android, and soon its appearance is expected for all users in the updated version of the messenger for both Android and iOS.

The innovation is the next step by the WhatsApp leadership in combating the spread of false information, which is being developed after accusations by the Indian authorities of spreading fake news, which led to several dozen cases of lynching.

We will remind that recently in India, panic rumors about kidnapped children, spread through WhatsApp, became the cause of lynching. In several states of the country, people who saw “criminals” on the streets (photos of which were sent in the messenger) attacked them. Several innocent people have been injured and killed as a result of these attacks. After that, the Indian government approached WhatsApp with a demand to take measures against the spread of false information.

The situation is difficult, the fact is that very often attackers, using special software, invite everyone in a row to certain groups, and sometimes the activities of such groups are illegal, because they advertise prohibited goods and services there, or call for some violent action. character.

Moderators of the messenger actively block such content and such communities, but it is becoming more and more difficult to do this, because almost 1.5 billion people use the WhatsApp messenger almost every day. It is impossible to provide such an audience with the required number of moderators. That is why the administration of the messenger decided to put an end to the system of uncontrolled invitations to WhatsApp groups.