WhatsApp messenger will find any picture

The Engadget portal announces a new useful feature in WhatsApp, which is not yet available in any messenger. Application developers are testing functionality that will allow users to verify images for authenticity.

Reportedly, the innovation will allow the worldwide popular messenger to more effectively fight the spread of fake news. After receiving a new image, users can quickly check its validity.

The veracity analysis will use Google’s existing image search. The messenger will show similar and similar images.

The developers clarify that the messenger uses the official search engine API to find a similar picture and determine whether it is genuine or not. In this case, the results will be shown in the browser of the smartphone.

The Search image button is now available in the beta version of the Android app (2.19.73). When you click on it, a warning appears that the image will be uploaded to Google.

The developers are confident that such a function can help fight disinformation. WhatsApp has long struggled with rumors, fake news and other misinformation. In January, for example, users were prohibited from sending the same message multiple times. Recall that then a restriction was imposed on sending the same text to no more than five users.